I guess the NRA has determined that it is okay to have one or two gun deaths at our schools rather than 26! They seem to miss the point. First, News Flash NRA, most gun deaths in this country happen to involve one or two deaths at a time, and averaging about 34 gun deaths per day. So, the idea for GUN CONTROL is to prevent gun deaths in the first place, whether one, two or 26!

The solution offered by NRA is irresponsible unacceptable. Further, arming our schools “because the banks are armed,” is ridiculous. Just as some have suggested that we should arm our teachers and other school personnel as a way of avoiding discussing gun control as an option, the NRA wants us to placed armed personnel in our schools. Is the NRA going to vouch for the sanity of every gun trotting personnel assigned to our school? In this country, we have seen our share of work-place violence as well. So, what stops an argument between school personnel from turning deadly? After all, when gun is available, and some people often resorts to gun as a way of resolving their (domestic) disputes! We got about three of these this month alone.

Further, the NRA seems to suggest that we should not care about deranged gunmen showing up at our schools, so long as we have a policeman or an armed guard placed at the school to kill the gunman! Well, I guess that’s all good and dandy!! The gunman shows up at school, fired a couple of shot (maybe killed one or two students), then the hero – the armed guard or the police placed at the school killed the gunman. Yeah, we all feel safe now!!

Even if you have an armed guard or a police officer placed at the school, you would still have one or more deaths! This should still be unacceptable. First, whether at a bank or other places, criminals often target the person with the gun first, so it is questionable whether placing an officer at a school is as important as keeping guns out of the hands of the unstable. Secondly, any killing taking place at our schools should be unacceptable. Therefore, even if the armed guard at the school is successful at killing the gun man, the school would still have undergone a life-changing event – with psychosocial and psychological effects on the students, especially on young ones as the Newtown, CT students. Clearly, gun fights at schools that the NRA seems to be offering as a solution to epidemic of gun violence in America is not the answer.

So, whether we like to accept the fact or not, GUN IS THE ISSUE! Not mental health, Not God at schools, not arming our teachers, and not anything else. That is, let say we have two equally disturbed people who are both suicidal and wanting to kill others. However, one has a semi-automatic weapon capable of firing 100 rounds per minute, and the other has no gun at all. What do you think the result would be? Maybe the one without gun would have access to some other weapons (some have suggested bombs, knives and so on). Yet, a conclusion can easily be reached that the one without gun would have to work harder to achieve his killing goal!
And again, some gun lobbyists have gone on the television to compare guns to automobiles – “cars are also dangerous, but we don’t ban them”. This is actually a welcomed comparison, and despite the fact that it is absurd to compare a car (a necessity for most Americans who work and want to go places) and a gun, let’s place similar restrictions to gun ownerships and use as we do on our automobiles!

Should we start by establishing a federal agency, or require each state to establish an agency that will regulate the sale, ownership and transfer of guns and firearms. We could call it the Department of Gun Control (DGC)? Should we require all gun owners to register all guns in their possession (whether purchased or inherited), and inform DGC within 3-10 days of transfer of ownership of possession of the gun or firearms? Should we require all sales of guns and firearms to be reported to DGC by both seller and buyer with 10 days?

Then, all gun owner should be required to undertake a pre-licensing use, safety and/or competency test by demonstrating that each licensee has the ability to use their weapon properly and ensure that the weapon would not fall in the hand of an unlicensed individual. Each owner should be required to buy insurance covering things like accidental deaths and injuries! Also, why not give the licenses in classes (e.g. A, B, C)? After all, the risks posed by a handgun (6-8 rounds) are different from the one posed by Bushmaster AR15, or those with high capacity magazines. The Department of Gun Control should be able to levy fine, suspend and revoke licenses just as the DMV! You should not be able to have access to your guns after having more than two drinks in an hour, and of course, access to guns by minors should be regulated as well, just as it is done with cars! Thus, I think we should regulate guns just like we regulate our automobiles!

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  1. alphachamber says:

    Good day! I appreciate your commentary, especially your comparisons to motor vehicles. Interesting blog. Perhaps you may like to check out my blog on the same topic too: (click “Der Staats-lose Bürger”.) Cheers and happy holidays, alphachamber.

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