James Comey, the FBI Director, is a partisan, period.

He has been working for the Republican Party since he gave his “extreme carelessness” speech to Congress back in July 2016.

While he had nothing to go on criminally against Clinton, Comey made sure he gave his Republican allies political ammunitions and plenty to go on, on the campaign trail by using languages often unheard of from prosecutors unless they are charging and wanted the public to know what they think the crimes are, or what they intend to prove at trial.

Based on evidence, you are either able to charge or not.  It is always about the law and not about Comey’s personal opinions of what happens.  So, even the first time around, Comey should have talked about what evidence had and whether he could bring charges on what he had, rather than making political speech to Congress and giving the Republicans “Red Meat” and the Trump camp political weapons to use against Clinton on the trail.

But Comey knew what he was doing, he wanted to help the Republican party, and wanted to do so under the guise of performing his official duties. What a shame!  No doubt, Comey’s is a partisan and his words, and actions especially last week, are proof of his partisan intentions.

Federal law and policies simple don’t support what Comey is doing and he knows it. Maybe he believes he is above our laws too (?) It’s a pity that a reputable organization, the FBI, has been dragged through this mud, and Comey should pay for using the powers and privileges of his office to influence a federal presidential election – a violation of federal law.

You just don’t use your position to help one political party over another, and that’s what Comey has done here. So, let no one again describe this guy as “reputable” or “someone without reproach,” or someone without partisan intentions. Comey is compromised and it’s time he goes for the good of the FBI and the thankless job agents and staffers there do daily.

Comey must go now.

October 31, 2016


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