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James Comey, the FBI Director, is a partisan, period.

He has been working for the Republican Party since he gave his “extreme carelessness” speech to Congress back in July 2016. While he had nothing to go on criminally against Clinton, Comey made sure he gave his Republican allies political … Continue reading

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GUN IS THE ISSUE! I guess the NRA has determined that it is okay to have one or two gun deaths at our schools rather than 26! They seem to miss the point. First, News Flash NRA, most gun deaths … Continue reading

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Florida “stand-your-ground law: Why it may still be a Good Law, but misapplied in the Trayvon Martin shooting case!

Florida’s “stand-your-ground law states that a person may use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas without a … Continue reading

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